Regenerative fashion.

It's become clear, sustaining the status quo isn't going to solve our problems. With this understanding, our newest mission is to move beyond sustainability and set the bar for regenerative fashion. Not merely striving to minimize harm, but using our successes to maximize benefits exponentially for the people and the planet.

To realize this dream, we began to study permaculture and whole systems design. Which turns out, can be applied to business as much as it can be applied to your garden.

After a long pause for reflection and recalibration, we are now transitioning from a swimwear label to a conscious lifestyle brand. We will slowly roll out a range of essential products to complement and support a regenerative lifestyle, from effortless clothing, handmade homewares, to natural self care and cleansing rituals of all kinds. As always, using the best materials available and made in small quantities by local communities.

As we have allowed our current collection to age gracefully, test its timelessness and sell organically over the past 2 years, we have been doing tons of work behind the scenes to design and implement all aspects of a circular system, using the permaculture ethics and principles as our road map.

Our commitment.


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