Packaging is usually where the most waste comes into play in e-commerce. We get that you want a great experience and we really can’t justify calling anything disposable “great.”

So we have finally put our foot down to single use plastic; Even if it was made from recycled material and could be put back into the recycle process fairly easily. It wasn’t good enough.

Here’s what we’ve done about it. 

Our hangtags, hygiene liners and mailer are all made from 100% recycled kraft paper, that can be forever recycled or put into your compost pile (shipping label removed). The adhesives of our barcode and hygiene stickers are also recyclable.

We’ve switched our care labels to screen printed organic cotton for a biodegradable choice. And our hang tag string is cotton too. 

To replace the standard polybag, we were inspired to design something that was durable enough to be used with love and stay in good condition over time. We needed it to be created with a natural material, nontoxic, yet waterproof to protect its contents. Stylish enough that you’d want to use it for your wet bikini after trips to the beach or to store essentials for safe keeping. 

After lots of research, debates and emails with potential suppliers, we are excited to announce all presale items purchased from this day forward will be packaged in a super cute, multiple use, food grade quality silicone pouch. If it’s not your style, the pouch can be returned to us for points towards your next purchase. This closes the loop on our packaging problem and puts your unwanted pouch back in our supply chain to be used infinite times.


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