Organic marketing.

Who really enjoys buying attention? These days, mainstream marketing methods just feel dirty. Instead of buying into something we don’t believe in or using subliminal tactics to make you crave yet another bikini, we’re trying something radical in our current age of digital capitalism.

But it’s also a strategy as old fashioned as it gets. We’re focused on building thoughtful, long lasting products and relationships. Relying on an exceptionally unforgettable experience to inspire word of mouth referrals to grow our business the same way we grow our vegetables, organically.

We feel our responsibility as makers to teach our community the value of their purchasing power and how it can contribute to better world. We aim to refine tastes and highlight craftsmanship, creating a new generation of conscious consumers. Instead of giving part of your purchase to tech giants, we will put the money into high quality content creation for you, where we will share all we learn on the path to a regenerative lifestyle.

We hope this keeps you coming back to connect with us on a regular basis.  


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